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At CVTC, we know that every situation is different. We are known for taking on challenges that others will not touch. We rise to the level needed to meet those demands. We face them with compassion and an inner resolve to do what’s right. We listen. We are there for the people we serve, even when the situation is difficult. And through it all, we become better at what we do. We learn more. We gain more valuable experience. We support people who might go unsupported. So, bring us your challenges. Together we’ll support each other. Together we’ll help each person get through their tough times, because we’ve been through it all—for decades—and we will not stop. We seek to understand what a person is capable of, even if they do not know it yet. We revel in the sublime achievements of each person while others might view it as small. We work with the caregivers and loved ones and every individual, because they are the true experts. Because we have learned from the tough situations, we are in all situations, stronger, more compassionate, and more knowledgeable. We are here to help improve lives, no matter what. That is why, at CVTC, the tough situations make us stronger.


We spend time every day with the most creative and awesome people we know! We facilitate fun and learning with people in our communities who live with a developmental disability.

Since 1982, CVTC has been committed to serving the communities. We established one of the first day programs in California with behavior support needs. We grew quickly from our initial site in Stockton, to Fresno, Modesto, Merced and Visalia. We now offer mobile crisis response services and a variety of other services.

Our vision for the future includes, enhanced relationships with the people we serve, developing inroads to integrate and connect in communities where they live. We incorporate person- centered processes in approaches, furthering our contribution to people’s lives by community connections leading to employment opportunities.

Employment Opportunities

CVTC’s mission is to support people in achieving their potential. Our employees are the force that helps us to achieve this goal. As a result, we are committed to searching for the right people for our organization. CVTC offers opportunities for personal and professional growth in a friendly environment and is committed to the development of its employees. We are determined to be the company that provides exciting challenges helping its employees to achieve and exceed their career goals. CVTC is always welcoming of individuals with talent and skills that contribute to and enhance the company’s mission, vision, and purpose. If this sounds like an environment in which you could thrive, we excitedly look forward to hearing from you.

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