Emergency Response


Respond, Assess, Plan, Implement, Debrief (RAPID) is a mobile crisis response service offered to the clients of Valley Mountain Regional Center and Central Valley Regional Center. RAPID provides 24/7 support for clients during the most challenging of circumstances.

Our highly trained RAPID Responders deliver the immediate and crucial intervention necessary to begin the process of resolution. Our main concern is for the safety of the parties involved. We work diligently to stabilize the crisis, develop a reentry plan, and collaborate the resources necessary to ensure the success of the client.

Some areas of the RAPID service may include:
  • Assessment at the scene of the crisis
  • Advocacy in the community
  • Personal Assistance
  • Behavioral Support
  • Emergency Housing
  • Emergency Food
  • Support and supervision based on assessed need
  • Assistance with Self Administration of Medications
  • Transportation and relocation
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