Aaron Walker


Aaron Walker

Fresno East Program


Aaron Joe Walker joined the Central Valley Training Center, Inc. (CVTC) team on 7/25/2013, as an Instructor On-Call Substitute. Through time, Aaron acclimated to his role and soon promoted to an Instructor IV Team Lead then Interim Program Coordinator. As Aaron gained experience, he developed a passion for providing quality service to individuals with intellectual disabilities and found his calling.  Aaron enjoyed his time as a leader and was able to implement his strong work ethic and morals to his team.  As an Interim Program Coordinator, he worked alongside his staff and consumers, he felt a sense of responsibility to do more.  Aaron soon promoted as CVTC’s first  RAPID Coordinator. In February 2019, Aaron’s ability to take on challenging situations straight forward with a calm demeanor exemplifies the roles and responsibilities that comes with his promotion to Program Director of CVTC’s Fresno East day program.

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