Megan Williams

Megan Williams

Interim Program Directors


Megan Williams joined Central Valley Training Center in April of 2016 as a RAPID Instructor I Floater. Megan utilized her time, ambition, and tenacity to quickly move up to Job Procurement Specialist. As a Job Procurement Specialist, she oversaw employment for both Fresno East and West Day Programs and was able to pave the way for employment opportunities in the Fresno area creating numerous partnerships with employers that are still utilized today. Part of Megan’s definition to success it to never stop learning, growing, and achieving and she was soon promoted again to Employment Coordinator stationed at the Fresno West Day Program. Megan has used her time at Central Valley Training Center to establish rapport, trust, and knowledge with participants, staff, and the community and is now overseeing the Fresno West Day Program as Interim Program Director.

During her free time, Megan loves to spend time with her family and pets, cook and bake, get crafty, and get out in nature.

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